///Aspira Bulb Halogen

Aspira Bulb Halogen

Product Code Compatible With
11-H12V3535H6 Yamaha RX King 95 , Yamaha RX-S, Yamaha RX-K
11-H12V3535H5 Honda GL 100 (CDI) , Honda GL MAX (CDI), Honda Old Type, Honda GL PRO, Honda GL 100, Honda GL MAX, Honda GL PRO (CDI), Honda SUPRA X
11-H12V3535H4 Yamaha FORCE-1, Yamaha CRYPTON, Yamaha F1Z-R, Yamaha F1Z-E, Yamaha MIO SOUL, Suzuki SHOGUN, Suzuki SHOGUN B, Suzuki SHOGUN D, Suzuki TORNADO B, Suzuki TORNADO D, TORNADO
11-H12V3530H5 Honda SUPRA X
11-H12V2525H4 All Cub, Honda GRAND, Suzuki CRYSTAL
11-H12V1818H4 Kawasaki KAZE-E, Kawasaki KAZE-R
11-12H410090P43TC Bulb AM H4 12 V100/ 90 W P43T Clear
11-12H46055P43TC Bulb AM H4 12 V 60/55 W P34T Clear

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